I spend a lot of time feeling overwhelmed. I read essays about computers that can process an entire life time of data in just a few seconds, and I feel deep envy.  

My brain can only process a set amount of information before it goes in to a self-preserving shut down. All I can do after it's limit has been reached is lie back and look at the ceiling/sky/pillow. Nothing else can enter. There's even an overflow pipe just like in the bath - it's linked to my mouth and I dribble out the excess. The stuff that does get processed will eventually seep in and become absorbed somewhere in my squishy bodily matter.

Just like everyone else, my brain library is relatively vast, but it's also very blurry. I can't find things easily. It's a bit like Asda late on a Saturday night - too many aisles, confusing signs and there's a tonne of shit on the floor. 

Five Things is the charming independent corner shop in that metaphor. A place where a selection of essential, sparkling fragments of weekly life are stocked. Sometimes the obvious things will have sold out or are inexplicably missing, and other times you'll find three different brands of couscous.

This week's release comes from Franko Fraize. I could bang on about how amazing this track is (and it really is), but you'll figure that out. 

However, I will take this opportunity to bang on in general. 

I've known Franko for a long time, and he is one of my favourite people to have ever existed. Genuine is a grey and overused word, but it's true meaning sums up Franko's essence (as does this emoji: 😍). He's full of love for his friends, family and hometown (Thetford), is razor sharp, and can hold an audience when buying a bus ticket. 

He's on tour throughout November, and his new single Oi Oi is out now on Polydor. 

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Without wanting to sound too tragic: receiving Lenny is like getting an email from a lover. It provokes an excitement chill when you read the subject line in a sleuth of JUST EAT notifications and Martins Money Tip (Martin, I'm still not rich?). 

You can sign up here, or if you're all about content and no commitment, then read the articles on their website.

Twat Boutique is back in London on 20th November. Twat's all about throwing the best party with no pre-tense. No side-eye glances when you're showcasing your unique moves. It's LQBTQ friendly place to get the fuck down. 

Sets from Cash + David, Georgia, Nicole, Maxie Gravy, JVP, Kelly Lee Owens, The Girls Are... !

 Tickets from DICE FM.

On Wednesday night, Huw Stephens welcomed the Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi onto his show as a BBC Radio 1 Piano Session guest. It was mesmeric and unusual and brilliant.

Listen to the entire show on the BBC Iplayer.

Because it's Friday and it's Missy Elliot